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The 10 good reasons why MOSTLEDS is your best choice

Unlike other LED manufacturers, MOSTLEDS® has carried out clinical and scientific activities for many years with the cooperation of leading dermatologists and aesthetics experts. After acquiring vast clinical expertise through research and treating scores of patients, MOSTLEDS® appointed a group of leading engineers and scientists to start the development of the most advanced LED systems to date.

Years of research, experiments, trials and treatments on a wide cross-section of patients has provided MOSTLEDS® with expertise in the conception of LED irradiation systems. This acquired expertise and knowhow have guided us to a new concept based on the use of the latest generation of LEDs, highly reliable generators of light therapy and effective clinical protocols.

Published protocols can be reproduced anywhere.

MOSTLEDS® uses Monochromatic LED technology while the majority of LED systems manufacturers use RGB LED technology. RGB LED mixes wavelengths/colours to obtain other additional colours visually, but not physically. Therefore, this additional visual wavelength/colour will not have any effect on the skin.

MOSTLEDS® offers 5 monochromatic wavelengths, real and physical colours

Infrared 850 nm – Red 645 nm – Yellow 595 nm – Green 520 nm – Blue 460 nm

For your programmes to remain consistently effective over time it is essential to ensure that LED properties (fluence, power and wavelength) do not deteriorate rapidly

MOSTLEDS® has chosen to work with OSRAM (Siemens), which guarantees that all LED properties are preserved for 50,000 hours. This is achieved thanks to high-quality manufacturing and their exclusive cooling system: temperature absorption, cooling panel beneath the surface, ventilators for air intake / expulsion, temperature control, automatic cut-off.

Made in France, ISO, EC-certified, EC medical approval pending

An exclusive LED configuration for greater light intensity

The more LEDs and the more tightly they are packed together, the greater the light intensity. Each skin cell in the treatment area will be irradiated with the same intensity, thereby leading to consistent results.

MOSTLEDS® gives you all 5 monochromatic LEDs in less than 1 cm².

The special LED layout ensures perfect superimposition in the centre of the ray for each beam colour.

The greater the treatment area, the less need to rearrange the panel to cover the entire treated surface, the less time wasted, and the less overlapping. According to the eminent scientist Dr T. Karu, overlapping treatment beams tends to cancel out previous treatment effects (T. Karu)

CHROMOSPACE® (“the LED bed”) contains 25,600 LEDs including 4 independent panels, all together delivering 5 monochromatic colours (Infrared 850 nm – Red 645 nm – Yellow 595 nm – Green 520 nm – Blue 460 nm) and providing an irradiation area of 1.176 m².

The BOXLEDS® standard set-up comes with two irradiation panels but it can be delivered with only one panel and later on can be upgraded with 1 or 2 additional panels, totalling 3 panels with 4,800 LEDs.

Each single panel contains 1,600 LEDs delivering 4 wavelengths/colours (Infrared 850 nm – Red 645 nm – Yellow 595 nm – Blue 460 nm) and provides an irradiation area of 25 cm x 24 cm, or 600 cm².

These panels are attached to a sophisticated, strong 1.5 metre-long ergonometric articulated arm.

The BOXLIGHT® with 2,400 LEDS delivering 4 wavelengths/colours (Infrared 850 nm – Red 645 nm – Yellow 595 nm – Blue 460 nm)

These panels are attached to a sophisticated, strong 1.5 metre-long ergonometric articulated arm.

To provide effective solutions to your patients’ needs, it is important to have several efficient pre-set programmes. After acquiring some experience you can always alter these programmes later on if needed.

MOSTLEDS® offers specific programmes for any treatable pathology or case in dermatology, aesthetics or PDT, taking into account different skin phototypes. These programme protocols have already been published in reputed scientific journals or developed at our Pilot Centre. Our medical/clinical staff’s experience is based on treatments and trials on thousands of patients (see our special stretch mark treatment article published in PRIME, March 2012).

Do you want to move up to a higher category, or start off with 1 or 2 panels and add 1 or 2 more panels later?

MOSTLEDS® allows you the chance to upgrade through the part-exchange of your system on the full extent of our range, from the most affordable BOXLIGHT® through to the most advanced LED system; the CHROMOSPACE® and the BOXLEDs® and their upgradable panel concept.

Training, start-up assistance, “open days”, marketing, assistance, MOST Leaders club…

MOSTLEDS® is your partner and is committed to helping you:

• Training provided by our specialists

• Participation in setting up web communications.

• Waiting room communication tools: posters, leaflets, roll-up banners, CDs

• Regular visits by our delegates(s) to keep you abreast of developments and anticipate your needs.

• Scientific, medical, technological staff to help constantly develop treatment efficiency.

• Permanent, readily available clinical assistance.

• Technical support and maintenance.

• Plus warranty and the MOST Leaders Club

MOSTLEDS now benefits from the recognition of a reputed partner, the FILORGA group.

With vast financial and commercial resources and sustained efforts in R&D to help us maintain our supremacy in LED technology.

You will appreciate that your choice of MOSTLEDS systems will help your business to grow and become one of the market players in your country.