A holistic concept based on a unique association of MUSIC THERAPY and LED PHOTOBIOMODULATION in a high-tech environnement.

Holism derives from the ancient Greek word Holos which means “All”, correspond to a point of view that considers all phenomena as a whole. Everything is interlinked. It’s the primary principle of quantum physics theorized by Max Planck since 1900 and later clarified by Albert Einstein.

Thus, we do not treat a pathology, a dysfunction, without considering the “terrain” – the whole body and its environment in their totality, as a whole, working in harmony.

Thanks to Photobiosony, Mostleds® Photobiomodulation takes a revolutionary turn by acquiring the ability of treating the body in a complete way by associating the “receptive” Music Therapy in a cleaned atmosphere.

Mostleds® Photobiosony is a complementarity of treatments through the luminous and sound waves in a high-tech environment offering the best possible results.

It relies on 3 fundamentals :

The augmented Photobiomodulation trough the CHROMOSPACE M®

Mostleds® full body laying space device is equipped with a brand-new revolutionary technology which diffuse the music through the body via its acoustic glass slab. Laid back on it, the patient feels the music beyond the basic listening. The musical waves travel trough body’s cells, boosting them in a way that it enhance the light waves transit and therefore improve the efficiency of the Photobiomodulation. The patient is micro-rubbed in the rhythm of the music and enveloped in the chosen frequency of the diffused music.

Thanks to Chromospace M®, we implement a total complementarity between the sound and light waves. We are creating the right conditions to develop a synergy, a harmony between the body and the mind, and we pave the way to a new kind of efficient therapy: The corporal Music therapy.

Music Therapy in a cutting-edge acoustic environment

Receptive Music Therapy is an ancient discipline, long forgotten, which enjoys an increasing attention and acknowledge nowadays. By affecting the human psyche, it can lead the patient become more responsive and better open themselves to treatments. It’s the harmonization of the mind and the body by the musical frequencies that calms and strengthen the natural capacity of the organism to regenerate and beautify itself, also allowing it to auto-heal and perform.

Through MOSTLEDS® Music Therapy, we place the patient in a high-precision acoustic environment where no detail is left ignored. Our high-fidelity Epsilon® speakers cover a very large spectrum of frequencies that surround the patient. They are supported in their efficiency by a professional auditorium-like design! Each wall of the room is covered by absorbent and diffusing acoustic panels which allow an extraordinary rendered sound, without any interference or undesirable sound effects. For each Mostwaves Cocoon® installation, our partners, leaders in the acoustic industry (AudioPrim®), implement all their skills in the development of a high quality custom-made audiophile room.

The sound delivered by this way, is the same one produced by the Chromospace M® glass slab, as it is acting in a total synchronization with the primary sources, without any delay or interferences. That way it offers the most optimal treatment conditions. Both the body-felt frequencies and the spatial heard frequencies are cast in harmony, delivered with a high precision, through the body as well as through the pure audition.

A cleaned up and refined treatment atmosphere

Each Cocoon is equipped by a Made in France Tequoya® air-ionizer which generates negatives ions acting such as magnets, aspiring almost all fine particles and pollution in the room.

This unique and patented technology of intense negative ions production is done in perfect security, certified ozone-less by an independent laboratory. It does not produce any free radicals and doesn’t present any risk or constraint for the users.

A Mostleds® Photobiosony session is also a new well-being and detox experience. The patient is treated in a refined atmosphere that makes one feels good and reassured. A healthy breath is essential for the organism. This technology has as an effect to boost the positives energies and potentiate the quality of the other treatments’ results. The body is in harmony with its environment in the optimum condition to receive care in the most performant way.