360° phototherapy vulvo-vaginal probe

INTIMLEDS® is the 1st Photobiomodulation device designed for the women’s intimate wellness and aesthetics.

Today, the medical and aesthetic expectations are numerous in terms of female intimacy. Like the rest of the body, both the vulva and the vagina are the object of an increased attention from the patient who are expecting  to have an healthy and nice-looking genital. The external (vulva) and the internal (vagina) Photobiomodulation treatments pave the way to an extended range of new oportunities for the wellness and aesthetical medicine.

Thanks to a thick webbing of 5 rows of LED (228 volts) placed along a 14cm long octogonal support, the INTIMLEDS prob allows to irradiate at 360° the whole vaginal wall and the vulva with a constant intensity. A LED placed on the transducer’s tip also enable the lighting of the cervix.

The 3 wavelenghts (blue, red and I.R.) delivered by the last generation Osram® LED radiate at accurate doses of light, in a pulsed or continuous mode, and offer results of great quality.


Vulvo-vaginal atrophy.
Vulva sagging syndrome.
Vaginal dryness syndrome.
Urinary incontinence syndrome.

Significant technical properties

The INTIMLEDS device, composed of a main unit to probe ensemble connected via Bluetooth to an Android tab, allows an easy and intuitive handling by the pratician.

The probe containing 228 OSRAM LED allows to deliver up to 3 therapeutic colors on a lenght of 14 cm in odrer to radiate both the vagina and the vulva for an entire treatment of the genital bottom area. Sanitary, it is delivered with a package of sterile single-use sheath, avoiding tedious and expensive maintenance tasks.

The digital app offer an extended range of protocols in pulsed or continuous mode, and allows to record user’s own programs and also the sessions’ history for an increased performance seeking purpose.

* : Blue : 460nm; Red : 645nm; near Infrared : 850nm;