MOSTLEDS® technology generate considerable therapeutic effects on many functional or lesional reversible pathologies. These therapeutic effects also concern aesthetic dermatology.

Depends on the action of the wavelength, on the functional mode and on the duration of the LED irradiation , we can treat and heal many pathologies and skin disorders.

When a cell is “hit” by the light wave, it “resonate” and the agitation sparked by the absorption of the light energy will cause chemical and physical modifications which will stimulate its activity.

Results: More energy in the cell which contributes to the healing, the cell regeneration, the pain relief and the rheumatism. It also helps to the rejuvenation of the skin, the hair’s regrowth, the fitness and the well-being.



STRETCH MARKS : Concerns at least 8 out of 10 women, but also many teenagers and athletes.

SKIN AEGING : It is a natural process which may begin by the age of 25. It’s the major goal of the aesthetic medicine.

CELLULITE : A.K.A the Orange peel effect which especially affects women.


STRESS : Thanks to the blue light which treats the “century disease”

PAINS : The red intervenes in the inflammatory process and in the edemas’ deflation. It can also be efficient in case of rheumatism. The infrared treats sub-acute or chronic inflammations.

PHOTOREJUVENATION : The LEDs allow to increase the DNA and RNA synthesis and boost the activity of fibroblasts, launching a synthesis of the collagen and the elastic fibers.