“Aeging results in cellular modifications, a ghange in our appearance… This is not to be an end, providing to act early“

Hinder the longer possible the age’s stigmatas has became a legitimate demand to which the photobiomodulation brings the best response. Even more when it’s about the face, always exposed to the other’s sight. A face prematurely withered, flabby, wrinkled stains or spots scattered may be a real disavantage for both social and professional life. Nowadays, a bad skin is viewed as a sign of a self carelessness.

The FACELEDS® Mask’s large possibilities

Anti-aeging : The skin becomes thicker, stronger, reducing wrinkles and loosening.
Improves the tone, makes the skin more radiant.
Reduce the skin pigmentation troubles : mask and brown spots.
Improve the blood flow, neutralize redness.
Reduce acnea problems.
Fix and calm skin’s trouble like traumas, inflammations, irritation and burns.
Ease pains, burns, itches, lips tinglings.

A lot of publications has confirmed a basic principle :


The human cells have the ability to absorb and transform the energy of LED emited light, at the correct wavelenght spectrum, to biochemical energy in order to generate numerous metabolic processes needed for their regeneration or their healing.

However, in order to involve all the physiological mechanisms, it is essential to use the correct power, adequate therapeutical wavelenghts , optimal dosage, and above all to have a real professional hardware. MOSTLEDS’ devices, provided with normative certifications and clear and precise documentation, ensure that the PBM therapy provide attended results.

FACELEDS® is designed for professionnal results.


It must be known that numerous small PBM LED devices are now sold in mass retail or on line. Those are meant to be hold by free hand and are cheaply made. Therefore, they are lacking precision, and above all they are under powered in order to be sold off the shelf to consumer market.

FACELEDS® is a static device made from high-quality material. The mask is hold by ajustable straps, and cover the face close to 108°. Therefore, it is radiating all the face’s area thanks to its extremely thick webbing of Osram® LED, and deliver a constant and accurate dose of light at the same distance on every part of the face.