The largest area of possibilities


The Chromospace® is the only LED light generator in the world designed to offer to the therapists the largest treatment area, increasing the range of medical, aesthetics and wellness applications.
A “bed” made of 19.200 LED on wich could be added 2 arms with 1 panel of 1600 LED each in order to treat the face, the hips, the legs…


5 therapeutic colors :
Blue : 460 nm
Green : 525 nm
Yellow : 597 nm
Red : 645 nm
Near-Infrared : 850 nm
2 modes , continuous or pulsed
30 clinical routines & 30 pre-recorded express routines,
Controlled by Android™ runned tab
Recording of all the sessions
Technical feed-back program

The CHROMOSPACE® integrates 60 specific routine in its software :

Clinical cares

Dermatologic therapies (face & body)
Cellulite, overweight (in association)
Pains and inflammations
Dynamic phototherapy (PDT)

Wellness cares

Beauty, rejuvenation
Health cure
Slimming cure
Postpartum treatments
Oily / dry skin, spots
Anti-fatigue, sleeping