The Photobiomodulation (PBM) uses the properties of the photons to generate interactions with living tissues.
The using of both visible light and near – infrared to reduce the pain, the inflammation and edemas is known since nearly 50 years. PBM’s effects are photochemical like the photosynthesis of the vegetals.

The PBM is the scientifically measured out application of the light on body’s areas in order to activate or produce particular effects.The result is an energetics stimulation of the cell that contributes to healing, to it’s regeneration, to pain relief, to rheumatism, to skin rejuvenation, to alopecia, and finally and overall to wellness.

The PBM is studied since 1968 (Pr A. Mester) and followed by the NASA in the 70’s. Since the treatment of the neonatal jaundice (1980), more than 600 randomised and controlled trials has been published using PBM devices, and the technology has been present in more than 5.500 studies. The PBM is used in thousands of clinics, hospitals, and sport institute in next to 70 countries.