Photobiomodulation (or LED-light Phototherapy) is a growing branch which seems not having any limits when it comes to the diversity of treatments that it can offer. Almost every day, science discovers new applications concerning this kind of therapy. It can be applied in dermatology, of course, but also in oncology, dentistry, cosmetic medicine, gynecology, sportive medicine, veterinary…

By offering a wide and varied range of adapted LED devices, Mostleds is the only company in the world to cover the largest possible spectrum of care to satisfy a growing and endlessly evolving demand.

Thanks to more than 9 years of research, development, adjustments, fabrication and national and international commercialization, MOSTLEDS is today acknowledged as one of the best specialized companies by the medical and scientific community.

Its top range phototherapy professional-oriented products are the most accomplished on the market.


Since 1997, Claude Le Goff is a passionate business man, engaged in the universe of aesthetic medicine. Convinced by the benefits of light therapy since 2005, he opens a specialized center in Paris, and begins an experimental research work in collaboration with doctors and researchers on over 600 patients.

Therefore, he publishes his work on stretch marks treatments in 2012 and then on the utilization of PBM in operating room in 2016.

In 2009, he creates SARL MOSTLEDS, by combining his skills with those of cosmetic medical devices fabrication specialists.

In 2012, FILORGA group integrates MOSTLEDS capital. The company increases its capital and transforms.

In 2016, the company regains its independency to conquer new market shares by diversifying its offer.