The most advanced instrument for professional LED light therapy.

An innovative company

Mostleds is above all a team dedicated to the constant research of new solutions for the use of Photobiomodulation. Therefore, we offer a large and endlessly evolving range of high technology devices.

From the full LEDs bed  CHROMOSPACE® to the articulated panels BOXLEDS® and BOXLIGHT®, but also, our mask FACELEDS®, our vulvo-vaginal probe INTIMLEDS® and the BUCCOLEDS®, our range of devices meet any professional medical, aesthetics and well being needs.

We are constantly in a quest of evolution and innovation to offer the most performant and accomplished devices on the market.

A cutting-edge technology

A photobiomodulation device do not have to light the patient with any light spectrum. The later must fulfill specific technical and technological requirements to deliver significant results.

Designed and assembled in France, MOSTLEDS® devices are today the most performant on the market, thanks to their very dense LED Osram® grid and also thanks to a precise delivery of wavelength adapted to each therapeutic case and problem.

Therefore, by delivering the ideal DOSE of irradiation at the right wavelength and in a given time, significant results will be delivered.

Scientific protocols

Since more than 10 years, Mostleds dedicates 50% of its activity to the research of efficient utilization protocols.

Scientific and medical partnerships, seminars, publications studies, feedback analysis… We are doing everything possible to integrate in our devices programs that deliver results certified by the scientific and therapeutic community.

Each case is the object of serious studies to determine the best protocol possible, following the pathology or the problem to treat. Designed in close collaboration with professional users, the datas are regularly updated to offer to each practitioner utilization confort and quality results.

MOSTLEDS is one of the only companies in the world to fully rely on scientific concrete studies to create its devices.
We offer a large range of professional quality devices with and efficiency recognized by the scientific and therapeutic community.
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