The most advanced instrument for professional LED light therapy.

Dedicated to innovation

MOSTLEDS® is above all, a whole team dedicated to the research of new solutions for the use of the Photobiomodulation. Thanks to this, we are offering a wide range of high-technology devices made for the professionnals

From the CHROMOSPACE®, a large “bed” system that cover the entire body, To the double/triple articulated light panels BOXLIGHT®/BOXLEDS®, going through our FACELEDS®mask and the vulvo-vaginal probe INTIMLEDS®, our product range covers all the needs for both the healthcare and the well-being sector

We are constantly searching for upgrades and innovation in order to offer the best devices on the market

A Cutting-edge technology

One PBM therapy device must not be made just to lit the patient with any light spectrum. In order to obtain significant results, one must meet precise technical requirements.

Designed and assembled in France, the MOSTLEDS® products are to this day the most efficient on the market, thanks to their extremely dense Siemens® LED webbing and a precise waveslenght delivery needed for every therapeutic cases.

It’s by delivering the same regular dose of irradiation with a precise wavelenght and in a limited period of time that significant results can be accomplished.

Scientific protocols

Since more than 10 years, MOSTLEDS® is dedicating 50% of its activity to the research of efficient handling protocols.

Scientific and medical partnerships, conferences, publication studies and feed-back analysis… We are working hard in order to intergrate in our machines programs that give scientifically certified results.

Each case has been seriously studied in order to determinate the best protocol for the treaten pathology. Designed in tight collaboration with the users, the datas are regularly updated and analysed to offer comfort and quality of results to the practians.

MOSTLEDS®‘s protocols are designed by the users for the users.